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By Harald Kellhack, Rainer Schlenker

ISBN-10: 3931192016

ISBN-13: 9783931192013

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A great resource for the full video games of the easiest. My merely criticism is the binding. After a few times taking part in via video games pages simply
started to split from the binding. each time I open the booklet extra of the pages fall out very good content material. .. .cheaply made.

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At the end of each of his games, a group of fans gathers around his board as the grandmaster shakes and quivers and grimaces while reeling off twelve or fifteen or even twenty-five moves without an instant to think. I am always afraid Ivanov will have a heart attack in time pressure: just to watch him is nerve-wracking. Anyway, back to pins. In the next diagram, predict­ ably, Ivanov is in big time pressure with one move to make before his flag falls. It is my move now and I have a very good one that is made possible by an excellent pin.

THE FORK a 37 In the diagrammed position I used a weapon that is one of the most fundamental tactical ideas in chess: the fork. You can imagine a fork in the road, a branching off. If one piece, say a knight or bishop, attacks two or more pieces at once, this is often sufficient to win material when only one piece can move or be defended. 13 The Fork 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 a b c d e f g h In diagram above the white knight is attacking Black's king, queen and rook, a triple fork! Any piece or even a pawn can be a good forker, but the knight is the most likely to fork because of its illogical pattern of mov­ ing.

Quite simply, when one side has two threats existing in the position at once it is often impossible to respond to both, if only because a player can only make one move at a time. One form of double threat that you have already studied is the fork. This is a very simple version of an idea that can be subtly and beautifully constructed in various guises. The reader must understand that double threats can exist any­ where on the chessboard and can be imposed by differ­ ent pieces. D OUBLE THREAT o 55 25 WHITE TO MOVE: 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 ' 1 a b c d e f g h White is down a piece here and must win one back to save the game.

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1...Sc6! aus allen Lagen by Harald Kellhack, Rainer Schlenker

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