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By Edward Quinn

ISBN-10: 0816062439

ISBN-13: 9780816062430

In transparent, non-technical language, this dictionary of greater than 1,000 literary phrases and topics takes an increased view of the time period "literary." This e-book provides readers not just a standard literary vocabulary, but additionally the data of comparable theoretical, ancient, and cultural phrases they want within the interdisciplinary global of latest literary stories. New entries comprise: conventional literary phrases and topics, corresponding to individualism, skepticism, and the Odysseus/Ulysses subject; literary themes that experience develop into more and more renowned lately, comparable to terrorism and criminal literature; and topics perennially renowned between writers, akin to alcoholism, baseball, and vampirism. positive aspects contain: clean definitions and examples of normal literary and comparable phrases similar to meter, antagonist, and New feedback; essays on significant topics in literature akin to evil, strength, love, loss of life, time, and extra; phrases on the topic of multicultural and feminist literature; significant modern theoretical phrases, with transparent definitions and examples; tradition phrases from movie, tv, psychology, background, and different fields regarding literature; references for extra examining; and broad cross-references

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Saroyan writes extensively on non-Armenian subjects, but he frequently returned to his ethnic roots, notably in his novel Rock Wagram (1951) and in three plays, An Armenian Trilogy, written in the last years of his life. In these works Saroyan focuses on the theme of family and ethnic identity. Other major Armenian novels are Peter Sourian’s The Gate (1965) and Peter Najarian’s Voyages (1971), both of which deal with the legacy of genocide. These novels invoke primarily a patrilineal world. The contrasting feminine perspective is captured in Carol Edgarian’s Rise the Euphrates (1994).

This idea, associated with the German philosopher Hans Vaihinger, operates on the assumption of the irrationality of life and the conclusion that human thought is not capable of comprehending reality. Given the inherent limitations of the human intellect, Vaihinger endorses the validity of ideas he calls fictions. “An idea whose theoretical untruth . . ” While not directly influencing specific writers, Vaihinger’s theory helped to create an atmosphere in which the literature of MODERNISM, with its emphasis on the validity of subjective experience, could flourish.

The apostrophe also figures prominently in lyric poetry, as in William Blake’s “Tyger”: Tyger, tyger, burning bright In the forest of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? appearance/reality A recurring theme in literature, the distinction between what appears to be and what is has taken on a wide variety of forms. Its classical statement occurs in the Myth of the Cave in Plato’s Republic: Plato’s parable pictures people chained in a cave and facing a wall. They can see only shadows cast by objects in the light of a fire within the cave.

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