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By Dr. Max and David Hooper Euwe

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A very good resource for the full video games of the easiest. My basically criticism is the binding. After once or twice taking part in via video games pages simply
started to split from the binding. at any time when I open the publication extra of the pages fall out very good content material. .. .cheaply made.

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K-B 1 I6 R,,,,-BB Not 16. K x P ? PR5 17. PxPKK2. 16 ... K-Kt I 17 KXP P-,,R5 $8 P x P White wins as Example 69. 87 a game Schwcda 1929. Neither side appears to have any positional advantages in tRe no~rnafsense. It is obvious that a movo by either king loscs a pawn. It is thedore a battle of pawns, and the player with the movc is able to arrange the pawn-moves to his own advantage in cach case. It is difffcult to say why this should be so, although the option of moving a pawn one or two squarm et its first k a p is a significant Thc ending of v .

R6 B-K7 ch. advance of the more forward pawn, here the QP. Not 8 . Bnl ch.? 9. KRt5 BQ2 ch. 10. KR4 KK4 1 I . KX3S. 1 K--Q3 E--K 1 2 K-64. ,BS B--RS 10 K-Kt6 L O 2 4 P-Qfi Q2 5 &B3 8-R5 If 5 . , 8 K 1 White may offer a piece, 6. 3K5,and if: G . . BQZ 7. BKt6 BR5 8. BB7 as in th- tcnl-play. 5 B- K2 hstcad, While o&rs a pawn. 6 ... n-- QZ I f 6 . , K x P 7 . &KtS. -R 5 u8... K X P 9. BQ5ch. BBh. BBI? 11. KKt5. 1 11 P-K5 ch. KxP 12 K-B7 B-KrS 12 Not 10... BRS? 13. PQ6 KQS 14. BB6. -Q5 14 B-36 8-84.

KO8 KKR3 4. RQ7 B x P 5. PK6 KKt2 6. PK7 KBJ 7. BK8 B08 8. BB7 W i t e wins I (the bishop cannot at o m to KRS, I 1X MINOR RECE ENDlNGS and loses a vital tempo) S . . BRS 9. BR5 KK4 10. BK14 KQ3. Another line is f . PRS? BK7 2. RK8 BKt5 3. KQ6 K R 3 4. H47 B x P 5. PK6 RKtZ 6. BR4 UKt3 8 . KQ7 RK4 9. KQ8 KQ3. In both varbtions Black bas time to capture the RP, and to rerurn and iiike the vertical opposition, as 13xamplc 129. 1 ... K-R3 If I . . BKt5 2. RQ6 KR3 3. BQ7. I . . BKtb 2. BRS KR3 3.

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