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By Antonio Ambrosetti, Giovanni Prodi

ISBN-10: 0521485738

ISBN-13: 9780521485739

This can be an advent to nonlinear sensible research, specifically to these equipment according to differential calculus in Banach areas. it truly is in elements; the 1st bargains with the geometry of Banach areas and incorporates a dialogue of neighborhood and worldwide inversion theorems for differentiable mappings.In the second one half, the authors are extra considering bifurcation idea, together with the Hopf bifurcation. They contain lots of motivational and illustrative purposes, which certainly offer a lot of the justification of nonlinear research. specifically, they speak about bifurcation difficulties coming up from such components as mechanics and fluid dynamics.The ebook is meant to accompany higher department classes for college kids of natural and utilized arithmetic and physics; routines are for this reason incorporated.

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Pure math. 9, A . M . S . I. (1966). I0. J-P. Serre, Alg@bres de Lie semi-simples complexes, N e w Y o r k (1966). II. R. Steinberg, Representations of algebraic groups, N a g o y a M. J. 22 (1963), 33-56. 12. , Lectures on Chevalley groups, Notes by J. Faulkner and R. Wilson, Yale University (1967). 13. J. Tits, Algebraic and abstract simple groups , Annals of Math. (2) 80 (1964), 313-329. 55 Benjamin, B. MODULAR REPRESENTATIONS OF FINITE WITH S P L I T (B, N ) - P A I R S C. W. GROUPS Curtis Introduction T h e purpose of this part is to give an account of the results of Richen [9] and the author [5] on the irreducible m o d u l a r representations of finite groups with split (B, N)-pairs.

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